Thursday, May 25, 2006

School's OUT!!!!!!

well, it is finally the end of May and summer-time is here. for some, that means absolutely nothing. for others, that means moving on to a new school, going to college, starting a new job, the list could go on and on. however, for ben and janie, it means a few things. first of all, school is out for janie!!! YEA!!!!! no more getting up at 5:00 and leaving by 6:30 to get to school on time. instead, i am going to be working at christensen photographics, 9-5, monday through friday. it is my very first 9-5 job. well, sortof. when i lived in colorado, i worked at a church, and i was always there at 9 but i would usually leave before 5:00 because of hanging out with kids and going to meetings and stuff. SO, i will be the senior picture sales rep and i'm looking forward to it. i started this week after school hours, and for the first week, it will be pretty slow, but then, it's going to pick up quite a bit. i'm excited about getting to make others feel good about themselves and giving them some of the most important things for right now in their lives.
for ben, summer-time doesn't mean a whole lot more than the regular year. he will have 2 weeks off towards the end of june and beginning of july, so hopefully he'll get to work on his website, blogs, and the house a little bit. but, other than that, he'll still be truckin along at vip and leading worship at church. we've been so blessed recently by vip. ben has really enjoyed it and he has been home by 7:00 every night for the past month or month and a half, and he hasn't had to work hardly any saturdays!! praise the Lord for that. and thanks to all of you who prayed for us through his job and mine as well.
another thing that comes with summer is that many people go on vacation. this year, we're not going on a long vacation, but we are getting to go to see the braves play the red sox with both my parents and ben's dad and his girlfriend, meri! we're so excited about getting to see pop and meri and it's always fun to see a ball game! so, that will be our mini vacation this summer...but who knows. we might get to go somewhere over labor day! anyway, sorry i haven't posted in awhile. i have been really really busy (that's probably why people don't look at this too often) but i will try to do better this summer. i hope everyone is looking as forward to the summer as i am.


Glenna Marshall said...

Hey Janes,
glad you updated! And thanks for the comment on my site. Did you realize that you titled your blog, "shool's out" instead of "school's out". Made me laugh really hard. Hey, we all do that. I'm glad shool is out for you, regardless of how you spell it.
Did you get my email?? I sent you a long one.
So...will you be returning to school this fall or are you going to stay at the photography thing? We just had a wicked storm here with hail the size of golfballs--NO lie! I'll be updating our regular blog with picture/video soon.
Love you and talk to you soon!!!

The Williams said...

thanks, glenna. it's fixed!

The Larsen Wells' said...

yo...yay for summer too...for us it means the whole Larsen Fam is coming in 52 days!!! whoopie!!!
Miss you guys